December 1, 2020

Holiday weary? Grief weary? COVID weary?

You're not alone. The holidays are ALWAYS complicated, but this year? 2020? Grieving the loss of a loved one while navigating pandemic-sized limitations and anxieties--it's too much. Way too much. In the spirit of giving I have an offer for you. Up for some diversional pandemic levity? Great, read on. If levity sounds more dreadful than fruit cake, bail now.


hum...where to start...

Truly, there’s no substitute for shared holiday laughter & good cheer…But you're grieving & this is 2020 (dear God…grant us strength). So, allow me to offer these pathetic, but timely, pandemic isolation perks

Pandemic Isolation Perk #1:

You don’t have to share stuff with gobs of guests...

Feel free to double pour your favorite be-of-good-cheer sip—you’ve earned it...& dessert bonus: there’s much more of the sweet stuff for y-o-u!

Pandemic Isolation Perk #2:

You don’t have to listen to stuff...

Like crazy uncle advice, political edicts...& you don't have to hear (or see!) dentures clunking-about while Aunt Beth eats...and talks. Simultaneously. (Sorry, childhood memories still taunt.)

Pandemic Isolation Perk #3:

You don’t have to do stuff...

Like make fancy holiday place cards to separate cranky relatives; you don’t have to wear festively uncomfortable attire & you don’t have sing Christmas carols. But…if you DO want to sing (this is the best part) you can belt-out glad tidings of joy—unrestrained & critic-free.

Pandemic Isolation Perk #4:

Relax, there’s hope;

pandemics aren’t forever

Post-pandemic life is coming…sadly, it isn't on Santa’s sleigh, but here’s hoping the Easter Bunny brings the final doses of a yummy chocolate flavored vaccine.

Wait. You’re right. Vaccines are flavorless injections, nonetheless, I will definitely have celebratory chocolate…hey, after all we've survived, celebrate we must!

Now…my semi-pathetic, but timely, wish for you:

May you stay virus-free, may your grief be tenderly held, & may your first-ever pandemic holiday be your LAST-ever pandemic holiday!

Oh, and...if you are in the fresh-throws of grieving a precious loved one, may your heart find genuine moments of comfort and hope.


The December issue of The Wise Brain published on of my Dear COVID letters. You can view the online version here:

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