“Art is a wound turned into light.” 

Georges Braque

about the artist...that's me!

color, words, and whimsy
have always been my playground
with a B.S. in journalism and public relations,
i crafted copy, design, and event planning
to promote commercial and non-profit ventures

until…my husband’s suicide forced a playground change

in solitude’s safety, grief turned vibrantly tactile
words, fibers, and untamed paint flew onto canvas
this creative storm ensued until…
with disarming flair…color, words, and whimsy exposed
the heartbreak behind suicide widow etiquette
art freed my truth and empowered healing

…but wait, can i speak?

think about…
how dull can listening to a suicide widow be?
especially the self-proclaimed
queen* of suicide widow etiquette reformation?

during the summer of 2018
my speaking credentials
were greatly enhanced with my
hard-earned n.d.b.r.s. certification
what the heck is: n.d.b.r.s.?
true? frighteningly true
so yes, i have stories

*about the whole queen thing...
i'll happily relinquish
my crown the moment
shame and stigma lift
making it safe to abdicate