August 22, 2020

WARNING: You deserve better. MUCH BETTER!

If you're brave enough to spend an hour with a suicide widow, you can...virtually of course.

In March 2020, I recorded segments to post on social media. Eventually, I was able to patch them into one tacky-but-heartfelt, comically unprofessional 'movie'--bloopers and all. For the life of me, I could NOT figure out how to create a sharable link. It took until now (August!) to swallow my pride, take a field trip, and beg my smarter-than-me-daughter for help. She rescued me via YouTube!

Perhaps (post-pandemic) some kind, brilliant tech genius will magically transform my incompetence into something more worthy of your high viewing standards. As you will see, the fix-it list is endless. ENDLESS! But, hey, this is COVID-time. the here-and-now...this is be best I can offer. Below is a link to the video...but this is a successful link post? Well...iffy proposition. If all else fails, you'll find it on YouTube @ Suicide Widow Etiquette / Pandemic Edition

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