March 24, 2020

COVID-19:Worst Teacher EVER. Or not.


Like it or not, we’re all enrolled in: Coronavirus 101. None of us like this classroom...sideways...uncertain...hard stats...BIG asks. Let’s talk; not about the wash-your-hands-&-sneeze-in-your-elbow-&-social-distance stuff. Let’s look at the unexpected stuff.


Here are three COVID-19 lessons I hope WILL be contagious:

1.    No job is unskilled. Seriously: NO JOB IS UNSKILLED.

2.    We are: WE. Love-thy-neighbor-as-thy-self. No matter what they look like, what they believe, or who they vote for. Love them. Help them. We are WE.

3.    Stay-At-Home comes with perks—BIG ONES.


No surprise, #3 is my fav! Suicide-widow-me was forced into social distancing after my husband’s suicide…mainly because I was a hot mess. But also, the hush around all things suicide made my ‘attendance’ almost anywhere too painful for others. The combo actually worked in my favor! In the sanctuary of solitude, I found healing. Now, a decade+ later, give me a soapbox and zealously I sell the perks of moving from an appearance-driven life to owning one's unique authenticity. Transitioning from noisy-ego-in-the-head leadership…to…tender-soul-whispers-from-the-heart.

People listen to my story and romanticize about how spiritual…how insightful…how Champaign-and-roses this grieving process must have been. Seriously? In the thick of COVID-19 how can you even go there? How are YOU doing with being stuck at home? How are you liking YOUR altered routine? How are you navigating level-upon-level-upon-level of uncertainly? You don’t like any of this! No one does. We are ALL out of that bubbly...and the roses are looking as weary as we feel.

Thanks Coronavirus. Thanks a lot.

Actually, I am thankful. I lied earlier. I am totally talking about social distancing stuff. Alone time. THIS IS THE BIG ASK—the lesson with perks. Yes, yes, you’re right: COVID-19 trapped us. We fight being trapped. We ALWAYS will fight being trapped!

Excuse me…give me a minute. Getting on my soapbox now…there. Okay, I’m ready.

Let’s play the What If game. (What? Like you have other plans? Come on!)


What if…for just 15 minutes you calmed the fears in your head—the ruminating that kept you awake last night. Zip it.

Too long? 5 minutes better? Fine, I’ll take 5 minutes.

What if…for 5 minutes you let go of the whole trapped concept.

(Relax, the I-am-Trapped-Forever monster can wait for 5 minutes. It will be back—it always comes back.)

What if…for 5 minutes you asked your heart what IT needs.

What if…you listened to what your heart longs to tell you?  

Oops—you’re still listening to your head. Your heart asks WAY harder things. Yep, harder than an end to COVID-19.

Your heart asks for one-on-one with you.

Yes, YOU.

Your heart wants YOU to hug you.

Your heart wants YOU to comfort you.

Your heart wants YOU off the stage of see-and-be-seen…where you’ve spent a life time.

Your heart wants YOU to stop seeking approval at the expense of authenticity.


How do I know what your heart wants? Excellent question. I don’t…but I suspect I’m not far off. COVID-19 gives you the opportunity suicide widowhood gave me. Take advantage of this alone time. You ARE good company. You don’t have anywhere else to go. Host teatime with your heart. Trust me, a heart-to-heart will be the best 5 minutes of your day.


Remember the I-am-Trapped-Forever monster? Your heart is WAY better company. This I know for sure!

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