Healing: Real vs. Imitation

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The gift of authenticity

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Hit the re-set button.

STOP. Unless you're named as a survivor in a suicide obit, this post is NOT for you. Bail. Sticking around will only disappoint.

If you are listed in that obit, let’s talk.

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Roadmap to hope & healing.

A bulldozer had to run me over...but eventually hope taught me the difference between pain and suffering.

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Not Qualified.

Clearly, I failed.

So why, why, why do people ask me about suicide prevention?

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December... Oh Dear God, Not DECEMBER.

Actively grieving?
Not feeling the whole ho-ho-ho-jolly thing?  
You have my permission to run for the door the next time someone says,
“You mustn’t be so glum sweetheart; it’s the happiest time of year. Lighten up!”
Yes, yes, yes, I know. You want to throw eggnog in their face
and kick over the Christmas tree on your way out…
…but let’s not.
Just run away.

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